Sunday, December 6, 2009

#15 Who knew a hanger could be so cool...


For real, cutest idea ever. And a detail I never really thought of before. I will definitely be getting one of these babies for my photos on the big day. Where you ask? You can get them from Etsy Seller LilaFrances. The photo above I ran across while catching up on some blog reading at OnceWed.


Friday, December 4, 2009

#14 Photographer… Check! and some other rambling too…

Alright, slowly but surely things are getting done. This weekend I finally paid the deposit for our photographer. I am very excited about it too. It was hard to pick one since I live in Ohio and the wedding will be in Florida. So I am very grateful for the and all the wonderful input on photographers everyone on there has used. Because of them, I was able to comfortably find and book a photographer without having to go to Florida first. So who is the lucky person to photograph our special day? Randy Chapman of Chapman Photography. You can check out his work here at his personal website, and check out this thread on the disboards where the brides who have used him posted their favorite photos by him. I was going to post the pictures that I like the most of his, but I wasn’t sure what the rules and etiquette on that were, since they aren’t my photos to share.


What’s next on the list?

Picking someone to marry us. We really would love for our good friend (and bridesmaid), who we shall call rev X, to marry us. But there are some reasons on our end that are keeping us from going forth with that idea. we are kind of bummed about it, but the reasons against it are all in good reason and we aren’t going to complain about it. I am just happy to have he in our wedding. That is the most important part. But regardless, we are officiate-less  and are on the hunt. We should be. I’m having troubles moving forward with this one. I don’t know what to ask, or what I want, so I am avoiding it. I have time yet I suppose.

Colors! Ugh… I am so bad at this. I have changed color schemes way too much. This is my problem… I am too indecisive for my own good. But for now, I think we have settled on something. But I promise, it will end up changing again and again… As of now, we are having a Pink, Black, and Silver… Maybe with a snowflake theme – see next bullet point



Theme? I’m not necessarily set on having a theme, but because I am SUCH a SCATTERBRAIN, I feel like having some sort of (subtle) theme, will keep me focused. I almost need a theme for this reason. Once I decide on a focus, I think (HOPE) that the rest of the planning will go slightly easier for me. So for now, our theme is snowflakes and winter. And I LOVE it. BUT. There is always a BUT with me. But, even though it is a winter wedding, it is in Florida. Is that weird to have snowflakes where it really doesn’t snow. I don’t mind so much, but to a more normal being, would that be considered odd? Be honest…

Save The Dates! Can we say headache??? no sorry, replace that with migraine…For real, they are the STDs (I feel weird typing that still) for crying out loud. They are suppose to be the fun and informal part of the stationary that is sent out. So why am I not having fun? Well here is part of the reason:

imageYup, Cricut Expression. How I love/hate thee. You are a new addition to the family, and I want so so badly to include you, that I am driving myself crazy getting you to do the Save The Dates. That is my problem. Because this is a recent purchase, and it hasn’t been put to a good use yet, I feel that I have to use it for my STD’s. But, unfortunately, the ideas that  I like and that are more realistic for me, are NOT the same as the ideas that I can do with the cricut. 


Well, I will stop there. This is getting lengthy. And I could probably have split this up into 4 or 5 more elaborate posts. And I’m sure I will in the future. But for now, I will leave you with that.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

#13 I may not know much about my dress yet….

But I do know this much:


image image image

I WILL have pink (or some color) crinoline under my dress…. I don’t know why I love this so much, but I drool every time I see someone who has done this. I found this pics from posters on the Weddingbells forums here. I have to look into more on how to do this. Most people I come across dye their crinoline or slip. So I'm thinking that’s what I will end up doing, but I am fearful, because me + dye = DISASTER!!! Luckily, I have quite some time yet before I figure that one out. Any info let me know! Has any one else seen or done this? Did you like it?