Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#10. Back on Track...

Well, I have been some what M.I.A. lately, but I have a good reason.

Meet baby B-Dawg.

This little guy is almost 9 months old. He belongs to the P Family. They are a very close to me. They are a part of my "Framily". Baby B-Dawg is their first child. And he is the cutest ever.

This past Saturday, May 16th, some of our friends, and some family of the P Family, all pulled together to throw a benefit for him. You see, a little while ago, we received the horrifying news that Baby B-Dawg was diagnosed with stage 3 Neuroblastoma cancer in his stomach. He and his family are fighting for his life right now and we have been doing everything that we can to make this benefit dinner a success and raise as much money for them as possible. Everyone has been really busy with things the week or 2 leading up to the benefit which is why I kind of dissappeared for a bit. I had even said to Mr. T-Love at one point that I was not letting myself do any wedding planning, or even thinking, until the benefit was over. And I'm glad I did.

It was a HUGE success, sure there were some things that could have been organized a little better to go more smoothly, but honestly, noone noticed, nor remembers. To see more about B-Dawg and his family, go here!

So now that the benefit is over, I will be getting back on track for 2 major things...

1) Wedding Planning!!! Yay!


2) Losing Weight!!! Not so yay, at least not until I lose the weight. Then maybe I will do some cheering...

Until next Time

~Miss Cookie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

#9. The following year

In post number 5, I told the story of how Mr. T-Love and I met, 6 years ago.

So what happened next?

In August of 2003, I moved back to Ohio, and in October of that same year, Mr. T-Love was back in Texas. I was back to school, and he was back to work.

Some months go by, and we kept in touch, talking on the phone and through instant messaging and Myspace a little bit. In March of 2004, I went to Texas to visit the three of those boys, T-Love, Cesar, and Grizzly. It was a blast.

While there was always something about him that made me feel different inside, that trip is when I first started thinking of T-Love as more than just a friend. However, nothing ever came of it, I never said anything and we just kind of kept going as good friends. I know, you idiot Cookie, but I apparently had a lot of growing up to do yet as the next three years or so will prove.

We didn't see each other again until March of 2008. I know, sad :(

So what happened during that time? Check back later to find out what happened the next three years while we were apart.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#8. Is this cheating?

Seeing as how I have only been engaged for barely 3 weeks now, instead of getting down to the nitty gritty of planning my own wedding, I find myself gushing over all the great ideas that other wedding bloggers are posting.

When I find things I love, I post them, even though someone already has. Is this cheating? I link to where I found the idea, but still, I feel that I should post my own ideas...

Oh well, that is who I am. I am a researcher, I love to find things, especially on the internet, it's what I do best.

And look what I find over at With This Ring!

It's a Candy Apple Buffet... Pardon my drool.

Great idea for a fall wedding... I would so love to do this at mine, but I'm thinkin I will pass though since I plan on having a summer wedding. When I see caramel apples, i think fall, not summer... maybe I should have cotton candy instead.... mmm, cotton candy....

~Miss Cookie

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#7. A little bit Country

I love country music. (I love lots of music really, but if I could only chose 1 genre, that would be it).

I also used to live out in the country for 3 years. While I enjoyed the serenity out there, and all the land, I feel that I am much better suited for suburbia. However, I LOVE the thought of cowboy boots at a wedding. I myself will not be incorporating this into my big day, but that's because, lets face it, I'm not country, and could not pull it off. But here are some photos I keep coming across and drooling over every time I see them. I think this would be awesome for the truly country ladies out there.

I love what the flower girl is wearing... stinkin cute.

Go here for more details on this wedding, or here for the photographers blog who snapped the shots.

~Miss Cookie

Monday, May 4, 2009

#6. Found it...

So, back in this post (I know, it was soooo long ago), I spoke about the s'mores I wanna make for favors. I said I saw a different way that I wanted to package them, but couldn't show you because I couldn't remember where I saw it at, well guess what?!

Found it! Yay!

This is something more like how I will package them, only I will incorporate my colors when I know what they are.

I found them here at Miss Pickles Weddings. She has some really cute ideas so definitely check it out.

I spent many moons trying to find where I originally saw the s'mores so I had to share immediately...